Prim Li

Second “Skin”

My work combines colour schemes with microscopic cellular structures, both of which are derived from the skin of lizards. My works are also my reflections on the aesthetics of biotechnology.

I consider contemporary jewellery as fascinating objects which not only convey stories but are also designed extensions of the boundaries of our body. I am interested in using repeating elements to make flexible jewellery which closely adheres to—and waves with—the movement of the body. In other words, I want to make a ‘second skin’, but one that is not obviously like biological skin.

Jewellery is so versatile that it can not only be worn as decoration, but can also be used on the catwalk as a fashion garment, a theatrical prop, or as an element of mise-en- scène in theatre or cinematography.


Materials: Somos GP Plus 14122(PLA), Silicon rubber

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