Xingrui Fu

Vision of Depth

Inspired by my background and interest in graphic design, my work began as an exploration of geometrical interlocking shapes. I’m particularly interested in the regularity and precision of these shapes and geometrical designs. Indeed, I’m interested in repeated shapes and patterns, precisely because they are mathematically and aesthetically beautiful: they can be simple, or complex combinations of elements that work together. In my jewellery design practice, this initial interest involved me looking at patterns in nature and architecture: my aim was to transform the 2-dimensional patterns and designs into three-dimensional pieces.

I used Rhino software to design the 3D perspective patterns and structures of this work. 3D printing techniques allowed me to create three-dimensional forms in wax and nylon. I explore innovative ways of using and generating patterns in jewellery design to generate the illusion of depth, and I’ve become fascinated by how optical or visual illusions prompt us to re-examine our powers of visual perception.


Materials: acrylic, resin, brass, silver, rope


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