Ningjue Ji

Your Scarring is Beautiful

Scarring is a unique mark on the human body and people who have scarring are still beautiful. Your inner bravery and confidence of showing the scarring is more attractive than a perfect body.

I was inspired by my own experience. A long time ago like many others, I used to hide my scarring. One day I saw people showing their scarring in front of the camera and was so touched by their courage that I wanted to deliver this positive attitude through my work.

My project is concerned with the ability of jewellery to communicate and challenge people’s assumptions. The problem of stigmatisation based on scarring calls for jewellery designs that will contribute to challenging attitudes.

Showing scarring to people needs courage. In some cultures, scarring is not considered aesthetic and means an imperfect body. For this reason, some people who have scarring on their body hide it underneath clothes. Layers of clothes can bring a sense of security.

I collected clothes and combined elements of them with scarring: in my work the scarring breaks out of the layers of fabrics. I also used skin colours on the clothing to blur the line between the clothes and the human body.

Materials: thread, cotton, beads, fabric, brass

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