Mengjing Tian


When you look at a broken object, how do you feel? Pity, regret, uselessness …or that it is beautiful?

I’m always interested in investigating the broken part of things. I love to look into the potential beauty not normally found in traditional aesthetic standards.

The two main elements used in this project are frame and fragments, describing the condition of being broken in a visual and intuitive way.

People always associate the condition of being broken with a colourful mess, so I chose acrylic to represent this. It can be dyed with many colours and people appreciate the strong visual effect of the colourful light that goes through the transparent pieces.

Exploring concepts of deconstruction and fragmentation, different combinations of geometric structures show the different extent or level of brokenness under varying situations, capturing moments to create a more vivid, dynamic visual effect.


Materials: acrylic, resin, copper wire, cotton thread

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