Jingyao Sun

Leaf Cycle

My project explores the notion of fossilisation as a trace or evidence of previous life.

I am fascinated by organic materials, because they suggest a sense of vitality and energy. This has led me to investigate through my jewellery objects what happens in the natural life cycle of leaves and what happens when you try to pause it.

My curiosity about the life of plants and how these become fossils after thousands of years is explored through the creation of organic jewellery. I encourage the wearer to perceive the strong connection between different forms of life and how this relates to the human body.

In a positive and humanist manner, my jewellery objects are designed to communicate the idea that death supports new life. My jewellery pieces have a layered construction as a way to describe the idea that life is a continuous cycle.

Materials: leaves, copper, brass

Contact Jingyao: 641410992@qq.com | www.serendipityjingyao.wordpress.com