Ji-Ru Lin


My work is inspired by cellular forms and their variation under the microscope. After exploring their visual forms I then began to focus on their function, leading me to examine the nature of white blood cells in particular.

An investigation into the function and characteristics of white cells formed a connection to the idea of protection: they are the cell of the immune system and their function is to protect us against illnesses and disease.

Nowadays, stress has become part of our lives because the world is full of factors that make us feel stressed. My interest in the problem of stress was triggered by my daily experiences and those of people around me. Living in an extremely busy environment can become stressful for many people.

Pressure is invisible, and cells are mysterious things inside our body but, without the microscope, we can’t see them either. I connected these two intangible things together, expressed using an organic shape. In this series the haptic qualities of the jewellery has the additional function of being a relief from people’s daily stress and anxiety.


Materials: jesmonite, silver, silk, mesh tube