Dantong Huang

Kinetic Energy

We talk about jewellery being eye-catching, but what if we also wore objects designed to engage the body and the mind? This project examines the challenge of stimulating attention through jewellery design.

While the beauty of visual forms, colours and designs have the ability to capture the viewer’s attention, engagement with static, immovable objects can be difficult to sustain for a long period of time. Sometimes moveable objects present a puzzle that needs to be explored.

Therefore I am interested in how to create innovative moveable jewellery designs that will not only be visually attractive, but also engage the body and mind. This work, like sensory toys for adults, uses different materials to push you to try and explore different permutations, even if you are playing with it unconsciously.

Try to reach a changeable outlook through considering the iridescent material and the rotating structures.


Materials: acrylic, TPU.


Contact Dantong: dan.t.jewellery@hotmail.com | Instagram