Bingchan Yuan


I have been interested in magical scenes since I was a child, loving dreamlike stories like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. My undergraduate major was photography, which allows me to create dreamlike scenes through material and light. Reflective materials are very good tools with which to create these photographic dreamlike scenes.

The Reflection series evokes a combination of unreality and reality. I transferred photographs onto acrylic and aluminium, and then used threads to connect these objects to reflective surfaces so that the half piece and its reflection in the mirror make a complete image or double the image. The small elements in some pieces are mobile: when people touch the piece of jewellery, these small elements will move.

In other pieces I used 3D printing to make pierced irregular shapes out of transparent material. When people look at this series of works, the front and back sides of the work are composed of different patterns, materials and reflections.


Materials: acrylic, aluminium, resin

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