Yuexin He


I am particularly interested in all kinds of holes; large and small. I am curious about what they look like inside. I feel the process of exploration is an adventure and try to imagine what it looks like inside. I insert clay or resin into these holes, and the different textures and interesting shapes that are revealed are full of excitement.

By chance, I found that the lotus root has long holes running along its length. Curiosity prompted me to make a cast of them in resin, and this allowed me to create organic shapes and samples that look like bones. This led me to ask “What is inside ourselves?”

These bone-like pieces remind me of the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells from ancient China and the Shang Dynasty. Inspired by oracle bones, the pieces function in different combinations to express single words to remind us of the history of evolution. I think that culture, like a gene inside ourselves, cannot be lost.


Materials: resin, eggshell, gold-plated silver

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