Yiji Pan


Central to Chinese traditional philosophy and Taoist culture is the concept that the universe is harmonious and balanced as a whole: everything will find an optimised state by itself, without the need for a controlling influence.

I am interested in casualness and spontaneity, especially the change in the gloss of light in a hazy and fuzzy environment. Inspiration comes from common natural phenomena such as early morning light dissipating through fog, bubbles rising from the bottom of the sea, and the sway of dappled light in the breeze.

These beautiful scenes are hard to describe and capture. I use semi-transparent and reflective materials to reproduce the sensations and express the hazy, ambiguous, mottled, light alongside uncertain feelings and emotions.

When people wear and observe my jewellery, I want them to feel relaxed and calm, enjoying an informal moment of spontaneity.

Materials: acrylic

Contact Yiji: 1164733714@qq.com | Instagram