Yichen Wang


‘When the shaman first asked God, he wore a pointed crown and a long skirt, and a brass bell was attached to his waist. While dancing on the drum, he whispered, the murmur was unrecognisable (Historical account from Bohai County).’

The word ‘shaman’ is a Tungusic word meaning a person who knows a lot of things, and at the root of this knowledge is a primitive emotion that rests at the heart of one’s body and spirit. My collection seeks to retain traditional customs by deconstructing the elements of shamanic dance, while – at the same time – hoping to convey the beauty of Shamanic culture.

Ritual and performance share a strong connection. Shamanic dance includes both. Its purpose is manifold: some praise the grace of the gods; some seek answers for their doubts or to express their wishes. If you are willing to use your own imagination, then you can see the Shaman who dances vigorously within this little wooden object. Close your eyes and use the mind to hear the primitive wild rhythm in the depths of our cultural memory.

Materials: olive wood, silk, silver, resin

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