Yanyu Chen

B1 3PA

Inspired by drawing the negative space of old buildings in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, I ask how jewellery can present negative space. I like investigating through drawing how negative space can express how buildings nestle together, but I am also curious about how negative space can be represented in three dimensional ways.

Focusing on the negative space inside of cracks, I find that the negative or invisible spaces surrounding and defining objects are generally overlooked. I aim to expose these negative spaces as jewellery pieces; these pieces function as their reverse and positive side by ‘mending’ the empty holes and cracks in damaged walls in the Jewellery Quarter.

Directly casting the negative space inside of the cracks with coloured concrete and crystal resin, I designed a series of rings contained within concrete boxes. The cracks are, in this way, repaired, and those negative spaces in the crack are able to be worn on the fingers.

Materials: concrete, resin, silver, jesmonite

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