Yahan Fan

Bubble Pop

Grey Person was grey. They looked grey on the outside; they felt grey on the inside. Years of stress of being a company employee had gradually made them monochrome.

After another normal boring day, Grey Person got into the bath as they always did. Suddenly the gleam of a reflection from the soap foam caught their attention and Grey Person found themselves transfixed

by the colourful iridescence.

The magic of the light worked some strange effect and the coloured patterns of the bubbles reflected on their body remained, making their skin less grey. Grey Person realised enjoying life was the most important thing and decided to follow their heart, no longer just pursuing money and work.

Later, Grey Person noticed that when they were experiencing happy, relaxed feelings, the colour on their skin became stronger and started to spread. Grey Person had became Iridescent Person, not grey any more.

Now Iridescent Person makes jewellery as a kind of medicine to share so that other people can also become less grey.

Materials: acrylic, TPU, PVC, silver, steel wire

Contact Yahan: 1975729524@qq.com