Xingxing Yu

Colourful Plants and Negligible Defence

My work is inspired by formal elements such as colours and shapes, but I also find inspiration in tactile experiences such as the textures and surfaces of plants. I was delighted to learn that plants can protect themselves using a variety of methods: they can have thorns, furs, or hard seed shells. While lending protection to plants, however, these forms of defence are negligible for humans: when we touch them, we find them soft, unsmooth and harmless.

I create colour schemes and combine them with layered structures. Both these are derived from research about plants. I am particularly interested in colourful and multi-layered structures and, using these, I create visual aesthetics inspired by organic and growing forms. This jewellery seems to grow on the wearer’s body like the plants that inspire it; the works reflect the logic of plant growth, as well as their relationship to us as humans.


Materials: sponge, plaster, felt, lycra

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